Franklin County has a labor pool of over 175,000 people and includes a 10 county region according to a Dockings Institute study completed in May 2015.

With over 97% having a high school diploma, 82% having at least some college and all having a strong Midwestern work ethic, the labor pool for Franklin County has many advantages.

In addition to educational opportunities at two different post-secondary institutions within the county, Franklin County sits less than 20 minutes south of the University of Kansas which is home to one of the top 25 supply chain management programs in the country.

Franklin County has multiple educational institutions that are committed to helping develop local workforce needs. With Ottawa University - a four year private college, Neosho County Community College and a new Career and Technical Education (CTE) program at Ottawa High School the possibilities for customized workforce development programs are endless.

Industry and educational organizations work agressively to develop training programs to support the skills needed by the workforce.  These efforts are taylored to individual industries for large groups or small groups.  Training can be designed for soft skill, technical skills, and health/safety concerns.


  • Local Workforce Development
  • Developing local talent pipeline through local high schools
  • Customized Professional Development boot camps provided by Ottawa University/Neosho County Community College
  • Advanced career and employment services
  • Workforce recruitment efforts from outside labor pool region
  • Senior Day on the Job program